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Take care of your body, so your soul wants to stay in it.



Take care of your body, so your soul wants to stay in it.


Soul Residence

Take care of your body, so that your soul wants to stay in it. We are convinced that the same applies to our home. That is why we seek to create living and working spaces that have soul. We work with architects renowned worldwide who use their talent to bring this to life.

Our engineers help our designers realize exemplary buildings that stand out in durability and respect for the environment. We create buildings that are beautiful, harmonious and made for living.

Outstanding architecture made affordable

We constantly seek to propose unique locations. In collaborating with great Belgian and international architects, we enhance these locations while ensuring affordable prices. 90% of our apartments are sold at prices between € 150.000 and € 300.000. We take pride in the footprint we leave behind in all neighborhoods where we develop. We are pleased with the added value our clients realize over time due to the quality of our buildings.


Love for detail

The details are not the details, they are the design, said Charles Eames.

We pride ourselves in dedicating as much attention to the conception of our projects as to the smallest of details that contribute so much to our well-being. We allow ourselves time to do things well.

This allows us to take on the challenge of proposing real, affordable quality. Motown is for those who admire both true quality and beautiful real estate, but is accessible to all. Our approach is contemporary in its expression but traditional in its values.

Motown, real estate with Soul.


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