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Architecture is about trying to make the world a little bit more like our dreams

Bjark Ingels


Our concept of Soul Residence isn’t just a slogan. It is the fruit of our passion and know-how. The iconic projects realized over the past 25 years by the founders of Motown Development, especially in Antwerp and Brussels, have initiated the blossoming of new, lively urban neighborhoods. Exceptional real estate whose intrinsic architectural quality enhances its value over time.



Diener & Diener Architekten
David Chipperfield Architects
ELD Architecten
Michel Desvigne
Size25.000 m2

Following the success of Koninklijk Entrepot, the renewal of the docks of Antwerp continued. The creation of this iconic project, in partnership with KBC Real Estate, was made possible by winning an international competition. In collaboration with renowned architects such as Diener & Diener and David Chipperfield, strong and timeless buildings were developed. The success of this project continued the remediation initiated by Koninklijk Entrepot. The dock area has since become a thriving place for life, work and leisure.