Team effort

Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean

Ryunosuke Satoro


Our ambition to create exceptional but affordable real estate can only come to fruition thanks to a team driven by a unified passion and diverse know-how. Devoted and talented people. Motown operates in an open environment where everyone contributes to the quality we strive to realize.


  • Alon Amar

    Alon Amar

    Managing Partner

    Alon developed many major real estate projects in Belgium over the past 25 years. Notably, the iconic projects in the Docks of Antwerp, the “Koninklijk Entrepot” and the three first towers of “Westkaai”. Throughout his career, he has formed unique collaborations with globally renowned architects.

    Alon co-manages Motown’s activities with a main focus on the conception and execution of the real estate projects. He also coordinates the Management Committees.

  • Lionel Hepner

    Lionel Hepner

    Managing Partner

    Following a 15-year career in investment banking at ING Financial Markets and Goldman Sachs International, Lionel has in-depth experience in financial strategies and risk management.

    He co-manages Motown’s activities with a main focus on capital management and financial strategy, and he coordinates the Management Committees.

  • Denis Vandamme

    Denis Vandamme


    Denis is specialized in sourcing and commercializing real estate operations. For 15 years he has been active in different areas of the real estate sphere and was a reference shareholder in the Century 21 Benelux network for many years.

    Through his active involvement in the Management Committee, Denis contributes to the commercialization strategy of projects developed by Motown and to the general strategy of the group.

  • Olivier Goldberg

    Olivier Goldberg


    Over 25 years of experience in residential real estate development in Belgium, have made Olivier Goldberg an important player in the field. His expertise, his mastery of processes and his rigorous approach have enabled him to realize iconic projects. He also feels at home in the industrial world as he successfully managed and led the restructuring of industrial companies (turnaround management, LBO, restructuring).

    Via the Management Committee, Olivier actively contributes to the decision making and to the follow up of the group’s strategy.